My Fitness Coaching Business Bootcamp | Day 10 | How to do a Shake and Share

Today we are going to talk about how to do a your grand opening party, which we call ‘Shake and Shares’.

Typically what I recommend is that you have several different versions of the Shakeology recipes and flavors. You can find this in the recipe sheet that they include in your Shakeology order.

Typically I just use my favorite three or four favorite recipes.

I also recommend that you have some healthy snacks like veggies and things like that to share kind of make it more of a health spa atmosphere.

You want people focused on their health and fitness during this party.

We recommend you have all the workouts available for display to show people as well as the other products for people to try out so that they can see that we have a comprehensive product line.

While everyone’s trying their various flavors of Shakeology that is when I played the workout video.

Watch this training on some great resources for Shake and Shares: