My Fitness Coaching Business Bootcamp | Day 5 | Success Club

With your Team Beachbody Business, it is so important to achieve success club five and you will create the foundation of building a business that’s going to maintain you for the rest of your life. The benefits of success club five are that not only are you building your business and pushing forward yourself but you will get rewarded by Team Beachbody but also getting leads that are the people that are interested in Shakeology specifically.

How do you earn points?

Success Club 5 and Success Club 10

Now that you understand how to earn points, let’s talk about how you become part of the Club. Earning Success Club 5 or Success Club 10 during a month is your ticket to entry.

To earn Success Club 5, you’ll need to achieve the following activity in 1 calendar month:

  1. Accumulate at least 90 PV Home Direct and/or autoship order(s) produced by you.
  2. Earn a minimum 5 Success Club points

To earn Success Club 10, you’ll need to achieve the following activity in 1 calendar month.

  1. Accumulate at least 90 PV Home Direct and/or autoship order(s) produced by you.
  2. Earn a minimum 10 Success Club points

Let’s take a look at an example of how you can earn Success Club 10 in the first month of starting a Challenge Group.

In this example, we’ll assume that you’ve started one Challenge Group made up of five members who each purchase a P90X® Beachbody Challenge Pack. Each member purchased the pack as a customer, which would earn you a total of 10 Success Club points. If you recall, you will earn two Success Club points every time you sell a Challenge Pack to a customer; in this case, you sold five Challenge Packs, so you would earn 10 Success Club points.

Success Club is so fundamental and important to the success of Team Beachbody Coaches that we’ve created additional incentives for our highest ranking leaders to help those in their organization reach Success Club.

This program is called the Elite Coach program. The company recognizes a few dozen Coaches each year with the title of Elite.

Elite Coaches are those Coaches who have contributed the most to the growth of the company in a given year.

The Top 10 Elite join company executives on a 5 Star world adventure and the most productive Coach is recognized as Top Coach with exclusive rewards.
All Elite rewards include a requirement to help their Personally Sponsored Coaches earn Success Club each month.

Success Club is a program designed to reward every Coach, regardless of rank or tenure. It’s a program focused on recognizing Coaches for consistent, solid, business building best practices that put the customer first. From the Success Club Conference and Celebration to the Success Club Leadership Retreat, there is an attainable reward for everyone. Perhaps the greatest reward Success Club offers, through qualifying for Success Club points, is
ensuring your business can continue to grow and you can enjoy the benefits of the residual income our compensation plan offers.

Tell your Sponsor and Success Partner or Success Team what your Success Club goals are so they can help hold you accountable and on track to earning rewards. Use the Activity Tracker to track your weekly Success Club point earning, and check out the Success Club Leader Boards often to see where you stand in the running to earn rewards. Set your goal to earn Success Club every month through helping people find solutions to reach their fitness and health goals, and we’ll look forward to inviting you to share in amazing Success Club rewards.