30 Day Fitness Jumpstart | Day 24 | How to stick to your fitness program when traveling

How to stick to your fitness program when traveling Day 24

I wanted to talk today about traveling and maintaining your good habits whenever you travel.

Now, whether you travel for work or you’re going on vacation, there are two different kinds of scenarios, but I think that if you really go into your travel time knowing that you’re going to at least put in a certain amount of time into your fitness and not blowing your diet that it will be a much easier situation for you, because I know so many times when I was traveling everything went out the window because you’re tired from the travel, you get to the hotel which is not a great environment, or you feel like, “Hey, I’m going to work out here,” and then next thing you know, you’re at Wendy’s getting a burger.

So one of the things that I want to encourage you to do is to either bring one of the shorter workouts with you. So if you’re doing Insanity, you can get Fast and Furious, which is only 20 minutes long, or bring Pure Cardio, and just do this. If you get 10 Minute Trainer, for example. That’s super simple. You know, you just throw your bands in your suitcase and you just bang out the ten minutes. Even with Insanity, you can just do the warm-up. Just make sure you cool down afterwards.

Another thing you can do is walk. Go out in the city and see where you are.

Go into your travel knowing you are going to be active at some point during each day.

Also, I want you to come up with a game plan for what you’re going to eat. In other words, you get there and all there is to eat is Wendy’s. Maybe think about finding a supermarket and just going and getting a salad. If you go to McDonald’s, they do have salads, but don’t pour all that dressing all over it.

So just make sure you make wise choices. Even McDonald’s now has the oatmeal and that’s even a better choice than going for the Big Mac, okay?

Do the right things, bring your Shakeology. At least you know one meal is going to be taken care of. Or bring a P90X bar.

Set yourself up for success and this way every time you travel, you would not derail yourself and then come back and feel bad. Okay?

Don’t let travel derail you. Plan your travel and you will come back feeling great.