Team Beachbody Coach Training Day 1 | State your “why” set goals

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Hello new Team TED member! Welcome to the first day of your Team Beachbody coach training.  First, let’s talk about goals and your “why”. Your “why” is the reason you want to work this business. What are the true reasons behind wanting to be your own boss? Is it to make money? Do you want to help people attain, or regain their own health and fitness? Maybe you have an underlying story or situation that drives you. A loved one that struggles with weight, an injury, or even a genetic, or dietary disorder that could be prevented, or remedied with Shakeology, fitness and better eating rituals. Take at least 5-10 minutes to write down your “why.”  Everyone is individual and has different forces that drive them to succeed. By stating your “why”, you will have a clear picture of what drives you to succeed. Remember, your “why” can and will change as you develop, so just write down what you feel right now.

Video from our founding coach, Blake Warrington.


One of the most important things that you absolutely need to do is break down your goals. Don’t just write them down in general terms. You need to be very specific. For instance, if you want to make a certain amount of additional income each month, if you want to travel to a certain place you need to specify dates by when you’re going to achieve these things. It will make it more real and it will also make you push harder to achieve those goals.

Part 2 of your assignment is to read 10-20 pages of a motivational or inspiring book. This can include anything from personal development to business development to spiritual development. Whatever you choose, it needs to be time you take away from your day to solely engage in a book that motivates you and gets you excited about your business, your life and spurs you to push forward and push hard. What book are you going to read today?
Post your current book title in the comments below.

Get Ready, Let’s Go!!!

“Participation is the key to success”
-Ted Duncan