30 Day Fitness Jumpstart | Day 19 | Why did I gain weight?

Why did I gain weight? | Day 19 |

Around the third week, maybe even sometime in the second week, and I hope you’ve taken my advice in throwing your scale away…but let’s just say you didn’t and you got on the scale and you weighed even more…Do not worry!!! One of the reasons that will happen is because your muscles will have some inflammation because you’re working them so hard. So you’re going to retain some water, you’re going to have some inflammation, and that is only temporary. So do not panic if you see a weight gain on the scale. It is normal.

And that is why these first 30 days of working with me are so important because if you didn’t know that, you might have a panic and say, “This isn’t working. Forget it. I’m not going to do it.”

And I don’t want that to happen. I really want you to succeed. Don’t worry about that. Just keep going and I will see you tomorrow.