30 Day Fitness Jumpstart | Day 28 | Do What I Do | Work from home | Win cool trips | Make extra money

Do What I Do | Work from home | Win cool trips | Make extra money | Day 28

So today is the first day of our last three days together in this program. And I’m curious: Have people been asking you what you’ve been doing?

I know that after probably about two or three weeks, people were starting to see some changes in me. They’re like, “Wow. You’re looking thinner and you’re looking happier and you look more muscular.”

And so you start getting those compliments and that’s really neat. That’s so gratifying to see that your hard work is paying off, isn’t it?

So typically what happens is you’re going to say, “Well, I’m doing P90X. I’m doing Insanity. I’m doing TurboFire.” And you’re getting some feedback from people like, “You’re kidding. Are you doing that? I’ve heard of that.”

And so what I’m saying to you is if you’re already sharing these programs with people, would you be interested in making some money? Because that’s what I do. I’m a coach, and basically if all you’re doing is sharing what’s working for you, that’s what being a coach is. And so why not make some extra money doing that? Would you like to pay some extra bills? Would you like to be able to pay your electricity bills? Would you like to be able to pay your car bill? Would you like to go on vacations?

These are the things that I’ve done with my business. And so I just am inviting you to take a look. I’m going to add another video below about Team Beachbody and the business. And it may not be for you, but if you think you like to earn some extra money, I would love to have you on my team. And I also do the same kind of training with my new coaches. So you would also have access to my 30-day program for new coaches to help you jumpstart your business.

So with that being said, you only have two days left. I’m very excited for you. I can’t wait to see your pictures. And just keep working hard. I’m very proud of you.

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