30 Day Fitness Jumpstart | Day 25 | Figure out why you got out of shape to begin with

Figure out why you got out of shape to begin with …

You know, this has been such a privilege for me to be able to be a part of this journey with you. And I want to thank you for allowing me to come into your home every day and talk to you and hopefully encourage you as you walk through this journey.

And I want to tell you that there was a reason that you started on this journey. There was a reason that you allowed yourself to get either out of shape or gained weight or whatever. Whether it was a few pounds or a lot of pounds, there was a reason behind that.

I really want to know, either if you could write to me and tell me a little bit more about your story, or just write it for yourself, because it’s really important to document what steps led up to the point where you felt you needed to lose weight and get in shape because this way you can prevent it from happening again.

I know in my case it was that life sort of took over. I was working full-time – had a family to support, and I just mentally just thought, “You know what? I’m just too busy.” But I’m here to tell you that busy is not an excuse. And if you keep saying that you’re too busy, then you’re going to too busy yourself for the rest of your life and you’re going to miss out on so many wonderful things, not just your fitness.

So it’s very important, and I know we talked about it a little bit earlier in the month, but it’s very important that you plan your time for yourself and make it sacred.

Make sure you have that calendar. Make sure you block out your workout time. Make sure that if something happens, you have a back-up plan. Okay? I’m not saying you’re never going to miss a workout. But if you have to give up a television program or if you have to get yourself a DVR, then you need to do it.

You know, I gave up television. I hardly ever watch TV at all. And that’s just because it is so important for me to live a healthy life so that I’m here for my kids and my grandkids and hopefully my great grandkids because that’s the goal that I have. I want to live a very long fulfilling life.

So I really want to know your story. I hope you’ll share it with me. If you’re not comfortable, then write it out for yourself, for your own personal edification so that you know and you never let it happen again, because that’s what I’m here for. I’m here to help you reach the success that you want. And I’m looking forward to seeing you finish out this program, not just with this 30 days but finishing what you started and achieving the goal that you set for yourselves.

I’ll see you tomorrow.