30 Day Fitness Jumpstart | Day 18 | Form Over Quantity

Day 18 | Form Over Quantity

How are you feeling? I hope that you know that wherever you go, I am here with you. I am rooting for you. I want you to succeed.

And that’s why I’m doing this so that you can have the results that you want.  That’s really why Team Beachbody created this coaching program to begin with.

Today I want to talk about form over quantity. Because I do Insanity, I always hear Shaun T say form over quantity, or Tony Horton always says form over quantity, meaning if you’re not doing the exercise in the right manner, but you’re trying to get in as many reps as you can, it’s just not going to be as effective. The whole idea is to build the muscle groups that you need to build to do these programs effectively. So if you’re really struggling through something, take it down a notch and then just slowly do the exercise but with perfect form. And that’s going to get you the best results.

When I first started Insanity, doing the switch kicks, which are super hard, or like the jumping, you know, lifting up your legs, with your arms out when you reach Month 2 in Insanity, I just did leg lifts, or I just did kicks, you know, kick, kick, because I wanted my form to be good. I wanted to build the muscles so that the next week I could actually do the exercise the way Shaun T does it on the screen.

So that’s my tip today: form over quantity. And I’ll see you tomorrow.