30 Day Fitness Jumpstart | Day 15 | Healthy Snacks | Eat More to Weigh Less

Day 15 | Healthy Snacks | Eat More to Weigh Less

Today, I’m going to talk to you about your snacks. So it’s really important to eat your five meals a day. And I hope that with all the things I’ve been offering you, you’ve really started to plan out your meals, you’ve taken advantage of my free food journal that I will give you if you write to me, and you are planning out everything.

Here are some snack ideas. These are the typical things that I will go to as I go for my midmorning snack or my afternoon snacks. You have two snacks a day, right?

So typically, one thing you can do–and I’m thinking of people that are working. Most people are going to an office. Even if you’re home, have it ready to go.

Take some tuna and mix in a little bit of white mayonnaise and put it in a container. And that can be a snack.

You can also do peanut butter on celery. But one thing I want to warn you about with celery. Celery is probably one of the best snacks you can have because it’s calorie-neutral. Meaning, it takes just as much energy for your body to digest it as it does from the calories you’re actually getting from the celery. However, celery is also one of the most heavily-laden pesticide vegetables out there. So if you do buy celery, please, I’m imploring you to buy organic.

Another really great go-to snack–and I learned this from a movie called Food Matters. If you haven’t seen that movie, go get it. It’s really good–is a handful of cashews. Cashews have a ton of niacin in them, and apparently studies have shown that niacin is really helpful in combating depression and alcoholism, all kinds of really great benefits for your brain. So make sure you incorporate some cashews, it’s just something that acts as if it’s going to boost your chemicals in your brain and make you feel better. And also because of the fats that are in cashews, you’re going to get that full feeling just from a little handful. It’s really helpful.

Another great idea is to do half a quesadilla with some turkey and some low-fat cheese or lettuce wraps. Lettuce wraps are one of my all-time favorite go-to snacks. If you get some ground chicken and just kind of brown it up and put a little bit of teriyaki in there, oh my goodness, it’s so delicious with your lettuce wraps.

So just choose things like that. I want you to do some research. There are plenty of things out there. And I’m also incorporating a whole new food section on my site that you can go and check out snacks that I’m going to be suggesting every single week.

And don’t forget Team Beachbody. If you are a club member, you do have access to that meal planner and it really will give you some incredible ideas that maybe you haven’t thought of before. It helps keep you from getting bored. If you stick with the same snacks every single week, you’ll be off your diet super quick. So you need to keep it interesting.

That’s my tip for today. Keep your snacks going and I will see you tomorrow.