Utilizing your metabolic window

After a high intensity workout, your body is prime to recieve proper nutrition to aid in muscle recovery and rebuilding.
If you find you are sore for 3 days after your workout, then you’re not giving your body the nutrients it need at the right times. You’re also not maximizing the results of your efforts.

To help with the muscle rebuilding and soreness the next day, you need to give your body fuel to repair muscle within your metabolic window. Here’s what works for me.

Within 45 minutes of finishing my workout.
I sometimes eat one weight watchers cheese stick, 15 RAW almonds and a small green, or fuji apple. Eat the apple last.
I sometimes have 4 slices of low sodium turkey breast, 15 almonds and a green apple. Eat the apple last.
I sometimes have a recovery drink.
I sometimes have chocolate milk.
I sometimes do a egg sandwich on whole grain flat bread with 1 slice of swiss cheese and 8 oz of orange juice. Have juice last.

All 3 of those choices have almost the exact same carb / protein / fat makeup, but with varying volume and calories.

You have to experiment a little and find out what works best for you.
If you’re already hurting though, it is not an instant fix.
It will take about 3 days to catch up to a missed metabolic window.
Make your snack before you workout, or get a simple recovery drink.
I currently prefer 40g Carbs/10g protein for Insanity and weight loss.
Keeping a little notebook journal can help you fine tune your after workout eating habits.
If you make a habit of eating correctly after your workout, you get used to it and you hardly have to remember. It just comes naturally.