30 Day Fitness Jumpstart | Day 12 | Weight Loss Tips For Parties

Weight Loss Tips for Parties

Welcome to Day 12!

Recently we had a birthday in our family. And so that led me to my topic for today, which is what do you do when you have a party and you want to be able to go and enjoy yourself but not completely hose your diet or your fitness plan.

So here are my tips. Number one: make sure that you get your workout in first thing in the morning, okay? Then, at least you know you’ve had your exercise and you have already had a success for the day. Number two: drink lots of water all day. Water will help you feel full and flush toxins out of your body to make you feel healthier.

The next thing is to make sure that your meals leading up to the party are healthy and maybe a little bit lower in calories so that you can afford a little splurge at the party.

And the third thing–and this is a lifesaver–is eat before you go to the party. Because then you’re going to get there, you’re not going be starving and head straight for the chips.

And then, you know, indulge in something, but make sure it’s a smaller portion. I’m not saying never have cake again. You know, you can have a slice of cake at a party or have a glass of wine, but just limit your portions. Enjoy yourself, have fun. It’s not about starving yourself or denying yourself the simple pleasures in life. I want you to have those.

So make sure that you just set yourself up for success at a party, and you can still go and have a great time!